georg nussbaumer

beam of silence

a sound horizon

beam of silence is about enjoying the volatility of time, and the simple beauty of emerging and vanishing sounds, their harmony. The absence of visuals is intentional.
beam of silence is a piece of contemplation and serenity and not a piece of distraction — which 'entertainment' is often expected to be.
beam of silence is an attempt to support the survival and further development of art — as one of the most important foundations of civilization — while we must practice patience.
beam of silence is a ray of hope that normal life will return soon — perhaps with reevaluated and thus different ambitions, more silence, and beautiful boredom.
beam of silence is an opportunity to give a tone to other listeners, to oneself, and last, but not least: to the artist and his team.

allocation of donations once project costs are covered:
50% for the team running the site
25% for art projects once lockdown ends (to be announced here)
25% for a social project (to be announced here)