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responsible for this website: Georg Nussbaumer | Wallensteinplatz 8/13 | 1200 Wien | Austria | ATU 57031303
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type of website: art project with donation opportunity via external service provider

management of splitting donations 50/25/25: managment consultant for art and culture - Norbert Schweizer | Austria |
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Recipients of the donations will be announced on this website.

sound programming PD/patch: Christoph Punzmann
webprogramming PD/patch: Thomas Grill, Norbert Math

project companion: Norbert Schweizer

bank details: Georg Nussbaumer | IBAN: AT06 3400 0000 0161 6374 | BIC: RZOOAT2L

Many thanks for supporting this project to
Christoph Punzmann, Norbert Schweizer, Norbert Math, Thomas Grill and Chiyoko Szlavnics.